Ecs 210, Ecs 210 Reading Responses

Week 8- Schooling is Discriminatory???

After reading this, I wish I would have before I wrote my essay. A paragraph in my essay talks about the discriminatory school curriculum against Indigenous youth. My focus was math and talked about the Western style of teaching is so linear and straight forward where First Nations is not. It is about embodying human and mother nature together as one. While learning calculus 30, all we did was sit in a classroom and learn math which may have no use to many people. So looking back at this, yes math could have been discriminatory due to cultural and regional differences.

The First Nations way of learning to the European way of learning is different worlds. As stated above, they are about embodying human and mother nature together as one in their learnings. Some key differences can be described as setting, time, and strategy. The setting would be where it is taking place. Math is taught in a boring classroom, in rows, listening to a teacher. Where First Nation people would have been outside learning. They also would have been learning from both the teacher and fellow students. Time is a big thing too. There is a time limit in Math so you must finish and stress and crunch time to get it done. While on the other side, it is a more free way to learn. Finally, we have a strategy. This can encompass both setting and time but most importantly how the teacher gives information. Usually, it is from a textbook. The questions are from a textbook, etc. This may not be the best way to educate.

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