ECS 200, Weekly Reading Responses

Week 6 -Culture and Diversity in Schools

This week’s reading was focused on Culture and Diversity in schools. One thing I learned was the 5 dimensions of multicultural diversity which was thought of by James Banks’. I think that using a more inclusionary based teaching strategy instead of a mainly ‘white culture’ based teaching strategy will benefit the learning of students severely. Another thing I noticed is how success in schools can be largely based off of one’s socioeconomic status. It is proven that a student with money who receives proper health care, books, nutrition and a place to sleep, will be more successful than a student who does not. Also, there are many connections to someone’s skin tone or culture to their success.

I look at my high school experience for many of these responses because all these points I mention lay true to my experiences. The way I was taught through high school was a very linear way of teaching. There is only one right answer etc. This way is a more ‘white’ based way and in my oppinion, it needs to change. In my ECS 110 class, I had to do a presentation on socio-economic status. It was amazing to learn the true facts on this topic. An example of this is a school in a poor area with low funding and low-income housing; their marks can be anywhere from 5-20% lower on average compared to a wealthy public school.

One question I have after reading is why do some schools get more funding compared to others even though the population is the same.


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