ECS 200, Weekly Reading Responses

Week 4- Social and Cognitive Development

What I got out of this week’s lecture and reading was about how everything connects. The reciprocal influences, how our social influences which are environmental variables, our achievement outcomes which can be behaviors, and our self-influence (personal variables) all interconnect to one another. I also found Brandura’s concept of self- efficacy, “The greater the self- efficacy the greater task initiation, and persistence… the greater the likelihood of success”. I have never thought of it that way before so it was interesting to me on the concept and one that really made sense. It was also interesting to read about all the different kind of “Self’s” and understanding what they mean; self-concept, self-perception, self-confidence, self-esteem, self- efficacy, and self-regulation.

The connections I was able to make this week was, on the different influences that people or I have and how they can affect self- efficacy, and development. I know that to this day there are certain people who I try to make happy or follow their strategies on how to do things. I live in residence so I have roommates. I have to change the way I would ideally like to live just to suit them more so we get along better. Another connection I made this week was on feedback. When I used to play HVC, feedback was always critical and gave me ways to improve. Feedback can be both positive and negative and is extremely important to make you better at anything.

One question I still have from this week is how would I be a coach or teacher, give feedback to my students or athletes without being offensive and blunt. How could I construct my sentences so it is both building their skills and not being offensive.


1 thought on “Week 4- Social and Cognitive Development”

  1. Hi Kyle, thanks for the post. Interesting to see what you saw as significant in this weeks readings and like the quotes directly from the text that you use. As you work towards your submitted blog posts more detail here could be added regarding what specifically you are learning ie. about the “selfs”. How do you understand each now and how does that impact your pedagogy…ie. connecting this theory to your practice. Excellent final question and a key one to pursue. Alphie Kohn writes a great deal on this subject and what he sees as the possible detrimental effects of either type of feedback. Might be worth pursuing in your learning journey.

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